Grading and Promotion Policies & Procedures

A. Numerical Basis for Grades
a. The scale for determining the nine weeks grade, semester grade, and the yearly grades for a subject is stated below.

A = 91 – 100
B = 82 – 90
(I) Incomplete = 73 – 81
(I) Incomplete = 64 – 72
(I) Incomplete = 0 – 63

A Point System for Honors and AP Courses To Be Added.

When a student is awarded a grade of (I) there will be an intervention module used. In addition, an alternative assignment will be given or a re-teaching in efforts of securing a grade of A or B.

Please note: The maximum number of points allowed for grading purposes is one hundred (100).

All students attending Exploratorium Academy are required to pursue mastery learning. Grades of (I) Incompletes will be awarded for un-satisfactory work. The student will have until the end of the next reporting period to rectify all (I) Incompletes. Failure to do so will result an administrative withdrawal from the program. (I) Incompletes will not be forwarded to other schools or educations institutions. The cumulative records will reflect – withdrawn.

All student's on-line learning frames must reflect an 85% mastery or above before the grade will be evaluated for promotion purposes. All non-mastered learning objectives must be remediated and re-assessed before academic points are calculated for grades. Compass Learning Software will compile all  on-line grading reports. If a manual calculation is processed all records will be avaible for review and discovery.


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